Research Statement

7. Peer Pressure and Discrimination: Evidence from International Cricket, with Siddharth George , Forthcoming in The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization

Media: [The Hindu] [ExBulletin] [Mint] [SportsEcon]

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6. Hiring Frictions and the Promise of Online Job Portals: Evidence from India, with Niharika Singh, and Gabriel Tourek, American Economic Review-Insights, Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2023

Media: [SGB Brief] [VoxDev]

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5. Shackled to the Soil: Inherited Land, Cultural Norms, and Labor Mobility, The Journal of Human Resources, Volume 57, Issue 2, Spring 2022

Media: [Harvard Business Review] [Dawn]

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4. Understanding Adverse Outcomes in Gulf Migration: Evidence from Administrative Data from Sri Lanka, with Alison Lodermeier, International Migration Review , Volume 56, Issue 1, 2022

3. Seeking the Treated: The Impact of Mobile Extension on Peer Information Exchange in India, Journal of Development Economics, Volume 153, November, 2021

Media: [VoxDev] [Ideas4India]

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2. ‘Mobile’izing Agricultural Advice: Technology Adoption, Diffusion, and Sustainabilitywith Shawn Cole,  The Economic Journal , Volume 131, Issue 633, January 2021, p. 192–219

Media: [JPAL Case Study] [Financial Times] [CEGA]

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1. Field Comparisons of Incentive-Compatible Preference Elicitation Techniques, with Shawn Cole, Daniel Stein, and Jeremy Tobacman,  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Volume 172, April 2020, p.33-56


8. Regulation by Reputation? Intermediaries, Labor Abuses, and International Migration, with Niharika Singh (Notre Dame)

Status: Conditionally Accepted, The Review of Economics and Statistics

Media: [VoxDevTalks (Podcast)] [ND News] [Medium]

9. The Grass is Not Always Greener: The Effects of Local Labor Market Information on Search and Employment, with Niharika Singh (Notre Dame)

Status: Under Review

10. Present Mothers, Absent Children? The Effects of Migration Restrictions in Sri Lanka, with Alison Lodermeier (Brown) and Paul Shaloka (EEOC) 

Status: Draft available upon request

12. Agricultural Extension, Technology Adoption and Information Spillovers: Evidence from a Cluster Randomized Experiment, with Shawn Cole (HBS), Raissa Fabregas (UT-Austin) and Hee Kwon Seo (Chicago-GSB)

Status: Draft available upon request


Natural Disasters, Local Economic Impacts and Migration: Evidence from the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka, with Chungeun Yoon (KDU)