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1. “Debiasing Discriminators: Evidence from the Introduction of Neutral Umpires”  with Siddharth George (BU)
Status: Under Review

2. Regulation by Reputation? Quality Revelation of Labor Intermediaries in International Migration” Niharika Singh (Columbia)
Status: Updated August, 2021

3. Can Technology Reduce Hiring Frictions in Small Firms? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bangalore , with Niharika Singh (Columbia) and Gabriel Tourek (Pitt)
Status: Draft in preparation

4. “Agricultural Extension, Technology Adoption and Information Spillovers: Evidence from a Cluster Randomized Experiment” with Shawn Cole (HBS), Raissa Fabregas (UT-Austin) and Hee Kwon Seo (Chicago-GSB)
Status: Draft in preparation


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Domestic Consequences of International Migration Restrictions, with Alison Lodermeier (Brown) and Paul Shaloka (ND) 

International Migration, Labor Abuses, and Voting, with John Marshall (Columbia)